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Why entrust the sale to a real estate agency?

Take advantage of an optimized management

Juggling renovation work, diagnostics, visits and marketing plans is no easy task when you decide to sell your house alone, without any support. This is one of the reasons why it is recommended to trust the expertise of an agency.

Upstream, the real estate agency takes care of the estimation of the necessary works and the realization of the various diagnoses. The drafting, the publication of the advertisement and the enhancement of the visibility of the property by photos, often professional, are done by the agents. Visits, negotiations, preparation of the sales contract and all other procedures are also carried out by the agency, which represents a significant time saving when you are an owner!

Personalized advice

Several factors must be taken into account when determining the price of a house or an apartment. In addition to its quality and size, its location is an important factor. Therefore, to sell a house in Switzerland, it is advisable to contact a real estate agency that is an expert in your area. Thanks to its experience and expertise, it has a thorough knowledge of the reality of the area and can define the right value of your property.

Professional advice is not limited to price. They can direct the owner on which craftsmen and experts to contact to refurbish their home, often at a very interesting rate. They can also help the future client project himself into the space and find his bearings by de-cluttering the rooms and cleaning up the decoration.

Securing the transaction

The organization of visits and price negotiations are generally the responsibility of the agent. The real estate agent, with his or her great strength of proposal, will negotiate the price of the house to best meet the owner's expectations. The details and the detailed information given to the potential clients at each visit allow them to decide in good conditions and to proceed to the signature of the contract.

The administrative steps related to the transaction are more secure by going through a

real estate agency. The procedures involved can be a hindrance for sellers who do not have the time or knowledge required, but going through an agency can also be reassuring for the buyer, who will have the guarantee that the transaction will be carried out according to the rules!

A faster sale

Studies conducted by experts among real estate agencies in Switzerland have revealed that properties sold by real estate professionals find buyers more quickly than when they are sold by private individuals.

This situation is explained by the client portfolio and the numerous contacts that professionals have. Indeed, despite the evolution of technology, buyers still have a preference for brokers because of their knowledge of the neighborhoods and economic realities of the region.

The distribution of photos and ads is sometimes no longer necessary when a buyer is already available. These cases are not rare in agencies and owners are aware of this. This is why they tend to opt for these personalized services that give them peace of mind!

 Why trust Immo Plus to sell your property?

Now that you are convinced that it is appropriate to go through a professional to sell your property, why should you trust Immo Plus in particular?

Real estate brokerage and consulting require knowledge in many areas such as construction, financing and legislation. Selling a property also means listening to the buyer's needs and desires, advising them and helping them to see the potential of a property and to plan for it. Since 1985, we have been putting our expertise at the service of our clients in all these areas.

When you trust us with the sale of your property, we help you to promote it with professional photos, virtual visits, impactful brochures and home-staging if necessary. We also publish it on all Swiss real estate platforms and have a digital marketing strategy that allows us to reach buyers first!

Finally, we are very sensitive to the human aspect of selling or buying a property: with Immo Plus, you trust a real partner, who will ensure a high level of follow-up throughout your transaction. If you want to sell your property, we are the right partner for you!


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