sell your property

1. Unite the troops to be in the best conditions

Try to involve all family members around 3 simple routines in order to prepare your property in a reasonable time (- 1 hour).

- Make the beds in the morning
- Put away the dishes
- Put away clothes as you go.

With these tasks accomplished, you will be ready for visits more quickly and save yourself unnecessary stress when the time comes.

2. Ten minutes before the visit: a quick tour of each room with your watch in hand, that's all you need! Let's go:

- Check that nothing is lying around: quickly, pick up the clothes left on the floor.
- Quick check up of the bathrooms: so that your beauty secrets remain secret! And that the things intended for the trash are really in the trash. And hop! with the passage one closes the bidets of the WC which the children would have left open.
- We air the rooms and we open curtains/blinds/shutters. Do not forget that the light enlarges the rooms then take advantage of it. In fact, you might even want to leave the lights on on overcast days or in rooms that receive little natural light.
- The kitchen should be reasonably tidy and the smells of the last meal absorbed!
- If you have a fireplace, now is the time to turn it on
- In winter, there's no way this asset of your property can go unnoticed.

And as a bonus, a little secret: don't hesitate to titillate all the senses of your visitors. The smell of fresh coffee or lemon gives a feeling of comfort that your visitors will not be insensitive to.
A bouquet to add life and color to the dining table.
Some go as far as concocting a playlist of soft music to add to the comfort.

3. During the visit

Congratulations, your property is presented in its best light. We're sure you'll be able to greet visitors with a smile and a relaxed air (even if you've just run a marathon to make everything presentable!).
Now you can let the Immo Plus broker take over, and get comfortable in front of that fireplace you just lit!

Why all this advice?

Simply because the purchase of a property is initiated by emotions and this in the first minute of the visit!
You know that you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

We wish you a nice sale, see you soon for the next tips of the broker of Immo Plus.


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