Offer a property

General conditions of the Offer a Property campaign

1. General

By sending Immo Plus the details of a person seeking to sell his or her property, the informer agrees to these general terms and conditions.
Within 2 working days of an advertiser providing the details of a person seeking to sell their property (including details of the property in question), Immo Plus shall inform the advertiser whether the property was already known to its services.
The property must be located in the canton of Vaud. Agricultural, industrial or commercial properties are not covered by this offer.
If a brokerage contract is concluded by Immo Plus following information provided by the informer, the latter will be informed.

The informer :
  • is not an employee of Immo Plus ;
  • has the agreement of the owner to transmit information to Immo Plus ;
  • is not the holder of any real right on the property (nor is he/she the spouse of the owner) ;
  • is in possession of a bank account in Switzerland ;
  • undertakes to comply with his or her tax obligations in the event of receiving a commission paid by Immo Plus ;
  • is of legal age and capable of discernment.

Immo Plus reserves the right to refuse any information transmitted by the indicator without giving any particular reason and at any time.

2. Commission

The informer shall be entitled to an informer's commission of CHF 1,000 if Immo Plus finds a buyer who purchases (or signs an unconditional forward sale) the property in question within 6 months of the informer's transmission of the information to Immo Plus and provided that Immo Plus actually receives a brokerage commission. The payment of a commission may only be made after Immo Plus has received its own brokerage commission.
In the event of entitlement to a commission, the indicator undertakes to provide all useful or necessary information for the payment of any commission, and in particular his Swiss bank details (no cash payments).

3. Informations provided

The informer undertakes to transmit the exact information available to him or her, or which he or she can assume to be exact, and not to transmit any information obtained illegally (in particular by illegal eavesdropping or in violation of a secret or a contract).
If inaccurate information is deliberately passed on, the informer loses the right to commission.

4. Liability

The liability of Immo Plus shall be limited to gross negligence or wilful misconduct. If the viewer fails to fulfil his duty of care with regard to the protection of his data, Immo Plus shall not be liable for any damage that may be caused to him as a result of the loss of data that he has failed to protect.
The supplier shall be liable for any breach of these general terms and conditions, including any claims by third parties arising therefrom. The informant shall be liable to the persons who are the subject of information transmitted to Immo Plus. If legal action is taken against Immo Plus by the owner of a property on account of information transmitted by the surveyor, the latter shall release Immo Plus from any liability.

5. Place of jurisdiction and applicable law

For any question or dispute in connection with these general terms and conditions or the contractual relationship between Immo Plus and the property owner, Swiss law shall apply exclusively. The place of jurisdiction shall be Morges, subject to other compulsory places of jurisdiction.

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